Federation Scout, Pt. 09

I’ve been wracking my brain trying to decided what I wanted to do about the navigational deflector area. I’ve not been happy with it and my previous attempt to build the dish itself did not go well. However, one of the reasons for posting work on the Internet is to get feedback. And, there are many times where feedback can get you past a problem you’re having, because people will often times suggest things you hadn’t thought of. So was the case with the deflector area. Michael “BorgMan” Bosscha suggested something so simple on Scifi-Meshes earlier that I could kick myself for not thinking of it myself:

“Hey, just a stray thought: what if you delete the forward section of the deflector housing and leave it at that notch? I was glancing over it a bit and I think it would look pretty cool”

I liked the idea instantly and went about implementing it. I was quite happy with the results, so I went about building the deflector itself. Here is the result:




3 thoughts on “Federation Scout, Pt. 09

  1. Kudos to Michael for the suggestion.
    Speaking of suggestions, I know that you stated, in the first post dedicated to this Scout, that you had to redo the back section because it was too long… Are you still thinking that? Because I was looking the ship over and I think that the back section could actually be a little bit longer…
    Also, I’m happy to see you’ve regained intersted in this one. I can’t wait to see it finished

    • At this point, it’s too late. I’d have to go into my backup files way too far for my taste to find a version without the shuttlebay area already in there. I did that before panel lines and windows. After spending hours one day on the panel lines, I’m not doing it again.

      • Shoot, I had no idea it. Sorry for not saying anything before, but I wasn’t sure myself about it.
        Not to mention the fact that my knowledge of CGI it’s pretty much non-existant. I couldn’t model a cone shaped thing if my life depended on it, I’m afraid.

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