Federation Scout, Pt. 07

I redid the details on the bridge module. What I had before was too busy and hectic looking. I went back to a more simple design. The lines also aren’t as deep and wide as before. Also, I nixed one of the windows for the observation lounge.



Note: I also nixed the stupid light and it will probably stay gone. I know they’ve been faking lighting on Star Trek ships since TMP, since there are lighted areas without source lights and those flush to the hull lights won’t light much more than the area directly in front of them. There’s no way that light would light the ship’s registry, which will be on the center part somewhere in front of the bridge. I’ll work out a more realistically located light source for the registry later.


4 thoughts on “Federation Scout, Pt. 07

  1. This is great!
    I can’t wait to see it finished. Have you already decided what meshes are you gonna use for the hull? I mean, will it be “new” or a little “battle-hardened”, if you catch my meaning?

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