Federation Scout, Pt. 05

I added a docking port. I meant to get more done today, but the day really got away from me. Between watching NASCAR and the Academy Awards, I had a lot of distractions. Plus, I spent way too much time looking for references for the TMP docking port when I could have just scanned the schematic from Mr. Scott’s Guide to the Enterprise, which is what I wound up doing. It’s not 100% accurate, but it doesn’t need to be, and it was the best reference I have besides a nice photo from Memory Alpha. Besides, I’m sure these things vary just like any other Trek bits do.



I probably put too much detail into the thing. It doesn’t even show up as much when zoomed out. But, if I ever need to do a 6k or larger image, I’m good. 😉



I haven’t decided on a name for the ship yet, but I’ve narrowed it down. However, I’ve picked a registry number. I thought of doing NCC-2187, because 2187 is the number of Princess Leia’s cell on the Death Star in Star Wars. However, the Hathaway was commissioned in the mid 2280s with the number NCC-2593, the Bozeman about a decade earlier with the registry NCC-1941. I figure that would put a ship with the number NCC-2187 around the year 2280 or so, assuming the numbers are actually sequential. (I ignore the Excelsior with NX-2000, as that ship was likely on the drawing board for many years with that number.) I want my ship to be a bit later than that, so I decided on the number NCC-3574. (anybody want to hazard a guess as to where I came up with that? 😛 )


5 thoughts on “Federation Scout, Pt. 05

  1. Oh, BTW. Awesome work. I love the docking port. I’ve been fumbling, trying to figure out how to do a docking port on my Abbe since so many of the surfaces are angled or curved. This looks like a nice possible compromise. 😀

    • Yeah, I wasn’t overly fond of having to flatten out a section, but the alternative was to have the port at a weird angle to the interior. The model is all curves, so there aren’t really that many relatively flat surfaces. So, I too compromised. Though, after a bit of edge rounding, I must say it looks better than I thought it would.

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