I’m Giving Her All She’s Got, Cap’n

In the “Frack me, that was fast” department, the doorbell rang a little over an hour ago and it was the delivery man with my new hard drive for my desktop. This is the drive:


I don’t usually buy Western Digital, but I’m a customer review shopper. I brought up the list of 3.5″ internal drives and re-sorted them by average customer review. This was the drive that came up first. It’s the #1 seller among desktop drives and has a 4.5/5 average review with 982 reviews. So, that’s good enough to me. I know, WD’s Black series is supposed to be faster than the Blue series, but I could get a 1TB for $11 less than a 500GB by going Blue, so that works for me. (about the same product reviews) As long as it’s SATA III, I’m happy. I’m pretty sure my old Samsung 1TB drive is only SATA II, but I’ll have to wait until I pull it out of the PC to be certain. Right now, I still have the old drive in there so that I can install my upgrade copy of Windows 7 without installing XP or Vista first. Plus, I still have a few files on my Media partition to copy off of there before I yank it out.

Anywho, happy times. Windows just got done installing, so it’s time to switch computers. 😀


2 thoughts on “I’m Giving Her All She’s Got, Cap’n

  1. It’s missing the cover plate 😛 !

    Seriously, I once worked for a major drive manufacturer (not WD) and a retail customer wanted help from our service team to get a drive to work. He was not sure what type it was and, based on a question, gave a over detailed description over the phone of it including how many platters were in it!

    Bought it at a swap meet from someone who stole it at a trade show – was a demo model. We used to pull the covers and run them so people could see how fast the ran.

    • I actually think it’s odd that none of the images on Amazon have the cover plate on. They clearly just put some pics on there that they got from WD’s website and put forth no further effort.

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