He’s Dead, Jim

The hard drive in my CGI machine is dying. So, if there’s a break in the “action,” (which there will be) that’s why. It’s been “losing” files for a while, which means it’s going. Probably most of today will be spent saving what I need from it before it goes kaput completely. Then I will stop using my desktop entirely until I can afford to change the drive. I do have a laptop (I’m using it now) and I can do CGI on it, but it’s slow. However, I’ve used worse. So, that’s what’s happening.


5 thoughts on “He’s Dead, Jim

    • I’ve done that before too. I’ve also lost stuff because the backups got corrupted. (which is why I don’t use writable CDs anymore) Fortunately, I realized what was happening in time to save stuff this time. I’m also glad the whole drive didn’t conk out on me at once. That’s a real bitch.

  1. Damn I have lost a lot of designs this way.. namely the space cargo ship.. sorry to read that its happening to you now..

    My old PC gave it up last year.. but I was able to save much.

    my best investment was an external hard drive.

    Writeable CD have saved me from time to time…BUT they tend to fail you more then help methinks

    • Yeah, CDs will fail. As I told Thomas, I learned not to use those. I lost a lot of my 2005-2006 TrueSpace models due to discs going bad. I mostly use external drives, flash and whatnot, to back up my CGI. Though, I’ve also got a couple models on Dropbox, which I may start using more often.

      I bought quality components when I built the PC but, unfortunately, everything eventually fails. I’d like to have gotten a few more years out of the drive, but that’s how it goes. I think I bought it in 2010, so it could have been worse. Hopefully, the new one will last longer.

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