Federation Scout, Pt. 02

Working on the nacelles today. Obviously, the idea here is to do a bit of a blend of Enterprise refit and Excelsior, though I also put kind of a TNG-style bussard on there. I prefer bussard collectors that glow over the non-glowing vent things that the Enterprise refit had.








So, I was looking at the images I rendered and I noticed the ship no longer has a bridge module. What happened was I accidentally saved my nacelle WIP over my latest file for the rest of the ship. When that happened, I did a quick check of the version before that and I thought I was OK and moved on. Obviously, I was wrong. So, I rebuilt the bridge module. On the plus side, I like the new one a lot better.




3 thoughts on “Federation Scout, Pt. 02

    • Thanks Greg. Yeah, that’s a couple steps down the road. The damn thing doesn’t even have windows and doors yet and any good contractor will tell you that those go in before the paint. 😉

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