Federation Scout, Pt. 01

This is something I started yesterday. The idea here is to build a small Federation scout ship/science ship from the late 23rd to early 24th century. While it’s mostly my design, I am using a few other Starfleet ships as inspiration, most notably the Intrepid from Enterprise, the Nova-class and the Bonaventure (fan design.) I’m still in the very early stages, but this is what I have so far. Needless to say, the central section (which includes the warp pylons) took a while to get how I wanted it to be. I had to lay out everything perfectly so that, when I subdivided, things went where I wanted them. Then there was some work to get the back section how it looks. That took even longer than it should have because, the first time, I cut the lower groove too high, leaving not enough space for the “shelf” for the shuttlebay landing area. So, I had to redo that. But, I’m pretty happy with how that’s coming along, especially since I’m not devoting as much time as normal to this project, since the Olympics are on. So, this is what I have so far:





Note: the nacelles are temporary. I didn’t build those for this model, I imported them from one of my TrueSpace ships. (they’re my own design) However, this is similar to how I will build the nacelles for this ship and they give a nice idea of how the nacelles will look once they’re built.

And, for those who are curious:

Length: 160 meters
Width: 110 meters
The height isn’t set yet because it will change, but the ship has 9 decks.

9 thoughts on “Federation Scout, Pt. 01

  1. Very interesting concept. I like the small ships we never get to see (until Voyager came along). I like the Bonaventure influence and it makes sense you would see some commonality in design aesthetic.

    BTW – There is an Olympics going on? [snark /]

  2. Thanks guys. 🙂

    @Ger: I figure this is a multi-role ship; defense, planetary surveys, nebula explorations, that kind of thing. I figure it probably doesn’t stray too far from the boundaries of the Federation and explored space. After all, with the finite amount of internal space, you’ve gotta figure it’s hard to equip it for long-term missions away from Federation resources.

  3. Really liking the Bonaventure and Intrepid elements and their future design projections. Those nacelles look pretty spot-on cool for temporary fill-ins. Hope you don’t stray too far from what you have there. 🙂

    • Thanks a lot. I definitely want to keep that look for the nacelles, I just need to rebuild them. They’re a mess of triangulated polygons due to the conversion process. Plus, I want to refine a few small things and build them at a higher detail level.

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