Endeavour Desktops

Here are a few desktop-sized renders of the Endeavour before I move on to something else and forget about it. (If you think I’m kidding about forgetting about it, sadly, I’m not) I didn’t feel like making planets, so I just used some NASA photos. They’re better than anything I can do anyway.

Up first is a redo of this image. I made it with my previous Endeavour model, which was just a kitbash.


Up next is something similar to this image.


And last is something a little bit different. For some reason, I like top-down orbital views of ships. I nearly leapt for joy at the beginning of Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith when it opened with a top-down shot of some Venator-class Star Destroyers orbiting Coruscant. (fortunately, I remembered I was in a theater and didn’t literally leap for joy)



5 thoughts on “Endeavour Desktops

  1. Fantastically rendered, but the nacelle attachments right into the plasma flow / coil glow are killing me. The pylon angle lowered and the attachment point placed on the ventral of the nacelle would be so much more in keeping with normal design, nacelle line-of-sight, et cetera. Then she’d be perfect to my eyes.

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