Endeavour Animated

At long last, the animation sequence is ready. As I’m sure y’all know, I’m not really an animator, but I did a few simple flybys to showcase the model, especially the flashy and spinny bits. 🙂

I found out Vimeo and my tablet don’t get along well. I tried twice to upload the damn video and both times it stalled at “finishing upload” and wouldn’t finish. So, I uploaded it from my PC.

12 thoughts on “Endeavour Animated

  1. This is getting better and better with each new post. Congratulations!

    Would it be possible for you to render this ship (https://evilgenius180.files.wordpress.com/2011/01/intrepid_flyby02.jpg) but with this kind of prospective (https://evilgenius180.files.wordpress.com/2014/01/endeavourwip09.jpg)?

    I’m asking you this because I’m part of a group trying to create an RPG by chat that takes places a few years after the UFP’s creation and we were kind of hoping to use the NV class as our primary ship.

    Naturally, we would give you full credits for the image and insert a link back to your blog.
    You can reach me ad the email I’m using to comment on this post or semply respond to this comment.
    Which one you prefer.


      • Here you go:

        Sorry for the delay, but I was dealing with some other stuff, and I kept forgetting to do this. I was about to fire up Lightwave to work on my D7 when I remembered, so instead I fired up TrueSpace to do this. 😉

    • I can’t thank you enough, Chris.
      We’ve already implemented the pic into the structure of the game and I’ve personally added the credits, with a link back to this blog, in the site’s homepage.
      You can find it here: http://stnewworlds.altervista.org.
      The first part of the credits (“Si ringrazia Chris Martin per il render della Mercury”) means: Thanks to Chris Martin for the Mercury’s render.

      If you want to login and see for yourself, we have a test user available:
      username: Test
      password: 123stella

    • Thanks. I have them rotating fast on purpose. This isn’t the TOS E. 😉

      Actually, I was watching Journey to Babel last night, which has a great shot of the ship rotating, where you can see tne bussards very well, while Spock is narrating the Captain’s log, and I now feel I should speed up my TOS bussard rotation. It’s actually a bit slow.

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