Endeavour Changes

I had to abort the animation I was rendering because it was taking too frakking long. However, I took a look at what had been rendered so far and made some changes to the ship. One thing that was changed that can’t be seen in still images is the blink pattern on the lights. They were too fast before. Also, I wasn’t as fond of the bussard collectors as I should have been. I decided the “light spots” on the dome were too bright and too well defined, so I redid the animation on those. I softened the effect a lot and I’m a lot more happy with it. Also, I had two “light spots” animations, one for the outer dome and one for the inner dome. That was redundant, so I removed the outer one and tweaked the dome materials to create almost the same effect as the two animations together, but with only one animation on the inner dome and a standard “glass” material on the outer dome. (unintentional bonus: you can see the “blades” better now šŸ˜Ž )

Anywho, after I tweak the animation I was rendering and change some rendering settings to make it go faster, I’m going to start over on rendering that. Meanwhile, here’s the current state of the model:


Only one image today, because these 1920X1080 images take over ten minutes to render and I want to get on to the animation.


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