USS Endeavour, Pt. 03

Someone over at Scifi-Meshes asked for a comparison shot with the NX-01. So, here are a few. Unfortunately, NX-01 meshes aren’t so easy to come by. There are a couple available for free in Lightwave format. One was at Foundation 3D and it was modeled in Lightwave 9. Unfortunately, it’s inaccurate. The author even admits that it is. So, I went with an older but more accurate mesh by Kenny_Z, converted to Lightwave by Darrell Lawrence over at 3D Gladiators. The only thing I couldn’t get were all of the textures, because Darrell didn’t include them all in the .zip file. I could have gotten them from, but the download link is broken. However, as this is a size comparison, textures aren’t a necessity.





As you can see, the Endeavour is slightly longer and, due to its “wingspan,” slightly wider. The saucer isn’t as bulky, but the nacelles are more bulky. Here are the numbers on both ships:


Length: 225 meters
Width: 135.8 meters
Height: 33.3 meters
(Note: these are the official numbers on the NX, and may not be accurate to Kenny’s mesh, because I scaled it down using the length with the other values locked, to preserve the proportions)


Length: 240 meters
Width: 154.5 meters
Height: 38.7 meters

Those figures are rounded to the nearest tenth of a meter.


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