Klingon Battlecruiser, Pt. 03

Work continues. I should be farther by now, but working on this thing was a bust on Monday and Tuesday. Thanks to the Polar Vortex thing, it was below zero degrees Fahrenheit around here, and about 30 degrees less than that with wind chill. It’s times like that where you find out what your insulation is worth. In my case, not much. So, it was frakking cold in here, despite the furnace running around the clock. So, I didn’t want to sit at the computer, where my tower is always blowing air on me thanks to all of the fans I have, and do stuff. So, I bundled up and played Lego Lord of the Rings.

I started on the nacelles yesterday, but I kept having to leave and do other things, so I didn’t get them done until today. Thanks to Dan “MadKoiFish” Uyeno, I have some really nice reference images that I didn’t have before of the ship. They include a nice closeup of the nacelle, so this should all be fairly accurate (unless any parts have fallen off between filming and the pictures being taken.) The only area that I don’t have a good view of is the back, so that’s pretty much guesswork based on what I can see. Still, the rest is accurate enough and that shouldn’t be far off. So, the nacelles are completely done.





There’s not a lot left to do on this ship. It’s nowhere near as detailed as the Enterprise was. (TV show budget) Hell, it took them a while to even give the Klingons a ship. Originally, they were only supposed to be used in the episode Errand of Mercy, but the writers asked to use them again in Season 2, and they got the ship in Season 3. Not bad for a race that was supposed to be a one shot. 😉


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