Klingon Battlecruiser, Pt. 01A

I got all obsessive about that seam on the underside where the wings connect, so I got rid of it. It wasn’t easy, but this is much closer to the studio model.




7 thoughts on “Klingon Battlecruiser, Pt. 01A

    • Kor. He was so freaking cool. I loved him on DS9.

      Did you know the Klingons were only ever supposed to appear in Errand of Mercy, but the writers (fortunately) asked to use them again in Season 2? Just think how uncool Star Trek would be without everybody’s favorite wrinkleheads. 😉 Originally, the Romulans were supposed to be the “big baddies” of the Trek universe, but grease makeup and hair appliances were cheaper than all of those pointed ears, so the Klingons took the front seat as the series went along.

    • Thanks Rob. Yeah, huge pain in the ass. I actually built that part back in early December, but then they wanted me to do something for Equinox. Normally, I don’t like stopping a build when I’ve got momentum, but I was glad to step away from that for a bit and work on stuff for the film. Now that I’ve got it looking pretty decent, I’m on a mission to finish this. 😉

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