Star Trek: Equinox

OK, the “secret” project I eluded to in the previous post is called Star Trek: Equinox. I’ve been asked to post the Facebook page, so go check it out:

Star Trek: Equinox

I don’t know why it says it’s an audio series on there, we’re making a movie. Of course, they want you to “like” it and all of that, if you’re a FB member. (I guess I’m going to have to finally set up an account 😉 ) Here’s the IMDB page for the movie we’re making:

Star Trek Equinox: The Night of Time

I’m not allowed to share anything beyond what’s on those pages as of yet, but I’m ecstatic about it. You can see on the IMDB page some of the people who are involved in it.


5 thoughts on “Star Trek: Equinox

    • I’m an employee, not a big boss or anything. I don’t know what help they need or what you can do, but I do know I’m not really the person to contact about that. If you have a Facebook account, you could always make the same offer on there.

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