Enterprise Oribiting

I decided to do a couple images of the Enterprise orbiting some planet, the type that they did a lot of on TOS. I found a sweet tutorial for making planets in GIMP and I’m really happy with the results. I was going to do a red planet, but I decided on green instead.



4 thoughts on “Enterprise Oribiting

    • Thanks a lot, Greg. Yeah, that’s one thing that bothered me about the “remastered” episodes. The CGI they did wasn’t all that good. (nowhere near good enough for me to want to replace my older DVDs with the original effects) Too bad Doug Drexler didn’t get the job, I’ll bet his team would have done beautiful work on those episodes.

      I don’t know what method they used for the CGI planets on those episodes, but this method that I found the tutorial for uses actual pictures of the ground and rocks and stuff. The person making the tutorial even provided links to some sites of texture resources.

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