The Enterprise

I’m calling this one done. Were I to get nitpicky, there are things I would change, but I’m drawing the line at “close enough.” Here are a few “beauty” shots that I rendered earlier against a quick starfield that I made in Gimp.









This is the first ship that I’ve completed (with textures) since switching from TrueSpace to Lightwave, so I’m happy with how it came out.

Next I plan to get back to work on the Sirius. This was mainly a diversion while I waited for Steve to send me his original file, which is apparently lost. Though, the “diversion” took longer than expected because I kept taking “breaks” to play Champions Online. (or was I taking breaks from CO to do this? ;)) However, since Steve couldn’t find the Sirius on either of his three computers, I’m just going to proceed using his perspective renders to build it and not worry about it matching up perfectly with his model, which is now a moot point. Also in the near future, I plan to build a new model of the Botany Bay and some Klingon (and possibly Romulan) ships.


10 thoughts on “The Enterprise

    • Thanks. Though, I’ve actually built another ship, I just never finished the textures on it.

      As for adapting techniques, not really. Some of the material settings are similar to what I’ve done in the past in TrueSpace, but that’s about it. Building stuff in this software is much (I’m going to say “easier,” but I don’t really mean “easier”) than it was in TrueSpace. There are many things that I’ve always wanted to do but never could in that software. Now I can do them.

  1. I waited until you were done so I would not keep repeating superlatives 🙂 ! Excellent job! Really looks outstanding. Welcome to the world of textured decals BTW – I always felt sorry you had to mesh them out in TS.

  2. Thanks guys. 😀

    @Thomas: I’ve done textured decals before, just not at this quality. Back when I was using an ancient computer to do this stuff, I didn’t want to bog it down by adding more polygons than necessary. So, I textured that stuff. I only started doing modeled ones after I got a better computer to combat that whole HD texture issue.

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