Lightwave Enterprise Pt. 05

Well, the ship now has “interiors,” but it’s not the way I wanted it to be. I started off by building a little room, an office or something. It’s all low poly, but would look OK when viewed through the windows.

(the top row of “books” is messed up, but I’m not even worried about it as I won’t be using it)

The problem came when I went to put that behind some windows. I started off with the teardrop. Unfortunately, I forgot until I started doing this that the windows on this ship don’t line up to a sane deck layout. That’s because nobody even bothered figuring out back in 1966 how many decks this ship had, the modelers just cut in some lines of windows wherever they felt like it. (wherever looked good) So, my interior, which was modestly sized at 2.4 meters tall, wouldn’t fit. That’s because there’s not enough room in that teardrop for two decks, even though there are two lines of windows there. So, rather than pull my hair out over that crap, I just textured the windows. It won’t look as good, but it works.





The “texture” is actually just a picture of main engineering that I got from Memory Alpha. It was the only interior shot they had without people in it, or more “recognizable” things like the main bridge. Plus, it was a floor level picture, not an “overhead,” so that worked. I just used an Atlas UV mapper to apply it to the back faces on the windows. Up next are the rest of the textures, which will be considerably easier and less of a pain in the ass than dealing with trying to put interiors in this thing.

On down the road, I may do MY version of the TOS E. Nothing too wacky, like I’ve done in the past, or like the JJ-Prise, just the ship with some “logical” upgrades, like visible weapons, grid lines, RCS thrusters, etc. I’ll also make a deck layout that actually works. 😉

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