Lightwave Enterprise Pt. 04

I think I’m done with the modeling of the exterior on this thing. I say that because I thought I was done, so I loaded it into Layout and realized I forgot the running lights on the saucer. (oops) So, I added those, reloaded it into Layout and rendered. Then I realized I was still missing the two little red lights on either side of the bridge dome. So, after adding all of that stuff, I now *think* I’m done.





All that’s left are some rooms for behind the windows and the textures. The rooms won’t be anything special, just some low poly walls, ceilings, floors and furniture to have “something” behind the windows. I’ll probably do them like crew quarters and lounges and whatnot, even though none of the sets from the series had windows. So, we don’t even really know what they’re supposed to represent. 😉

4 thoughts on “Lightwave Enterprise Pt. 04

  1. I never gave much thought to the windows on the original Enterprise. I remember that in The Mark of Gideon, Kirk opens a window (a shutter slides back) and sees all the people outside pounding on the ship. The only other set that springs to mind is this one:

    Looking forward to seeing the textures…

  2. This is terrific work Chris! Of course, you can make an argument that we saw windows three times in TOS. In The Cage in Captain Pike’s room, there is a green-lit window-like spot above his bunk. In the remastered version, it was treated like a window.

    In “The Conscience of the King” we see windows/ports in the hallway above the shuttlebay.

    And I think lastly, in “The Mark of Gideon” we actually see a port open in a hallway to reveal the populace of the planet standing outside the duplicate ship before they fade into stars.

    Again, this is great work!

  3. Thanks a lot, everyone. 🙂

    For the windows, the only one I remembered was “The Cage,” with the green thing which was probably a green screen with no space background added in Pike’s quarters. Though, it was the wrong size and shape to be a window. I don’t count anything that was done on “remastered” TOS because I don’t have or want that version of the series. I forgot about the window seen in “Conscience of the King” and I can’t stand “The Mark of Gideon.” It’s one of my least favorite episodes. (They have serious space issues on that planet, yet they can build a mockup of the entire inside of the Enterprise.) However, we never saw windows in any of the regularly seen sets, like the rec room, conference room and officers’ quarters. If your captain doesn’t rate, I want to know who gets a room with a view. 😛

    @Greg: go for it with the 1/350 Enterprise. I wish I had the money and space for that. Though, putting putty in all of those grid lines sounds like a pill.

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