Lightwave Enterprise Pt. 03

The saucer is taking longer than anticipated, but not because the modeling is taking a long time. The problem I’m mostly experiencing is having free time to work on it. Yesterday was a bust, I had no time to work on this until after midnight and, by then, I was tired and not ready to do what needed to be done on this. The modeling itself is going about as quickly as I expected, though I did obsess a bit over the teardrop. I’ve built it three times now and I’m still not 100% happy with it, but I’m moving on (maybe.) Also, I noticed that the windows on that section appear to be smaller than they are on the rest of the ship, at least they are on the blueprints I’m using. I’ve used Alan Sinclair’s blueprints in the past and they’ve always worked when I used the same window cutter as on the rest of the ship. However, I’m using Charles Casimiro’s blueprints now and they appear to be smaller. It’s hard to tell if that’s the case on the studio model, but they look like they might be. So, I used the same window cutter I used on the rest of the ship and I’m not completely happy with the size and spacing, so I may have to redo that section (again.) I’ve noticed some of the rest of the windows on the ship also appear a bit large, but they’re the size they are on the blueprints. Plus, it’s not that big a difference, so I’m leaving them alone.




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