Lightwave Enterprise Pt. 01

Work continues on the Enterprise. Before getting into the (tedious) windows of this section, I decided to add the shuttlebay “doors,” landing lights and center post. The doors don’t really work (hence, the quotes ;)) because they’re accurately modeled. As most people know, the exterior doors on a lot of Star Trek models don’t really work and aren’t really even made to look like they would work. When you see the doors open on the shuttlebay interior miniature set, they’re clearly constructed differently to allow them to open. I did leave the bay area open in case I do eventually want to make a bay, but I don’t know if I will. If I do that, I can always make working doors.



I also did some polygon cleanup and things that don’t really show up in the renders and you wouldn’t know I did without me showing you a before and after wireframe or pointing out what I did on a current wireframe. Some of it just makes the mesh a little cleaner, others take care of some minor render errors.


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