Sirius Logos

I’m waiting for Steve to send me a file or two before I continue work on the ship, but work continues on the project overall. That’s one good thing about a project like this, there’s plenty to do. I decided I was going to do a logo for Sirius, so I fired up Inkscape and immediately ran into issues. The first thing I was going to do was copy Steve’s logo from the Sirius website, but that was a bust because I have no idea what font was used. It may have even been done by hand. Plus, I tried to duplicate the flare and it wasn’t pretty. So, it was obvious I had to do my own thing. No problem, I have a TOS credits font, right? WRONG! It’s totally inaccurate.


On that image, the top is a screen capture from the Season 1 opening credits, the bottom is the font. As you can see, it’s way off. The letters aren’t quite the correct shape. The tails on the “S” are too short. The worst is the “E.” Not only is it too wide, but it’s missing the curve on the upper left corner. Sadly, no fonts seem to have that curve, except for one that has shadows (useless for my purposes.) That curve was there the whole time, throughout all of TOS and TAS. But, it seems to be left off a lot. Even Paramount is hit or miss as far as putting it on there. On the “Remastered” DVD packs, seasons 1 and 3 have the curve on the E, season 2 doesn’t. For some of their other stuff, it’s missing. On JJ’s movies, the DVD/Blu-Ray cover for the first film has it, Into Darkness Doesn’t. Thought, the “R” is wrong on the DVD cover for the first film and the “E” doesn’t have that curve in the opening title sequence. (nice consistency) It’s amazing how that stuff was all drawn by hand in the ’60s and they could get it the same way every time, but some yahoos 40+ years later can’t get it right using computers.

So, I wound up making my own lettering. I was going to do it in Inkscape, but I decided I wanted it 3D, so I did it in Lightwave. So, Sirius now has logos:

Textured with a perspective camera

Textured with a perspective camera

Textured with an orthographic camera

Textured with an orthographic camera

Solid color with an orthographic camera

Solid color with an orthographic camera

Personally, I’m partial to the last one, but I like how they all turned out. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Sirius Logos

    • I think the main problem is that people are worried about copyright issues, so they alter the characters slightly to avoid that when they make the fonts. I just wish they wouldn’t label it something like “TOS Credits font” when it’s not.

      Though, the inconsistency in CBS/Paramount’s logos is pure laziness by the artists, because they own the copyrights.

  1. I like it a lot, and way to go on the attention to detail with the font. One question, though: what made you decide to go with the arrowhead pointing to the left? Nothing wrong with it, but it seems atypical.

    • The port side of nearly every post-TMP Starfleet ship has a chevron pointing that way. Though, I specifically did it because the original Sirius logo has one pointing that way. I thought about having it point to the right, but I thought the thinner side might get lost in the text, whereas the fatter side doesn’t.

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