Interceptor, Pt. 10

Work, work, work.

I added a bunch of stripes and stuff. I still have to do the bottom, but the top is coming along nicely. I also added a hatch to the tower. Even though this isn’t a submarine, I figured a submarine hatch is a good place to find inspiration. It fits with the retro look I’m going for. By the way, it turns out you can find lots of pictures of submarine hatches on the internet. Finding dimensions for a submarine hatch, however, is another story. So, I finally decided to just wing it. The hatch is a little over 1.5 meters wide. I figure that will do fine. (you go through it vertically) I decided one isn’t enough, so I also added one to the bottom. It required a minor modification of the mesh structure down there to make the “opening” for it, but nothing major.








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