Interceptor, Pt. 07

After the fun of frakking around with materials lately, I decided to do something less stressful. So, I started detailing the engines. 😉







Up next are some more engine details, then I might start on the guns. The ship will only have two big guns, it’s designed for speed and not necessarily hardcore warfare. Really, detail wise, I plan to let the ship’s flowing design and paneling do most of the talking. I don’t want a bunch of stuff hanging off of the ship because I figure the subspace streams work like a slipstream and that stuff would just slow you down. Plus, I like the idea that Gene Roddenberry and Matt Jefferies had when designing the Enterprise, which is that everything should be contained within the ship’s hull for ease of access. Anything outside would require you to suit up into an EVA suit to fix it when it breaks. So, stuff inside the hull is good. The exceptions, of course, are the engines and the guns will be external also.


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