Link Update

I came to a realization earlier: The link for Charles Casimiro’s blueprint page in the side bar was wrong. Apparently, since I posted that link, he has moved his site. I clicked on it earlier and saw that I got a “403 Forbidden” message. I knew that Charles’ blueprint (and other goodies) pages still existed because I just pointed somebody over there for the Airborne fonts recently, so a quick Google search took me to the correct page. So, I have now updated the link. I’m sorry to anybody who has been looking for Enterprise blueprints and maybe clicked on that and got that message, but I didn’t realize the site had been moved until I saw it listed as “gone” elsewhere. I knew it wasn’t gone, so I took a look into it to make sure I had the correct link, and that’s when I realized I did not. So, it’s fixed now and you can once more hit the link in the side bar and be taken to his pages of excellent blueprints and very accurate Airborne hull fonts. 😎

I also tested all of the other links to make sure nothing else had been moved or gone bye-bye and everything else works. 🙂


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