Sorry, but it’s time to vent some frustration and, as this is *my* blog, this is about as good a place as any.

I don’t know how many people who read my stuff play MMORPGs, but I play a few and I’m about fed up with them. Whether you pay for one or you play a free to play one, (I’ve done both) you get screwed over eventually. One in particular (its name rhymes with Bar Wreck on Wine) has been pissing me off lately. All of them do this, but this is the most recent one to earn my ire. They force you to download patches to play and said patches often break the game(s.) They add new “features” that nobody asked for and you have no option to opt out of the changes if you want to continue playing. They have bugs that go unfixed for months, sometimes years, while they’re adding this new crap. Then, if they do manage to fix a bug, five more pop up to replace it. It’s a really aggravating experience. This particular one that I’m raging about right now (NOT raging in a good way) has a reward system for those of us who either pay a monthly fee for a subscription or who have lifetime subscriptions. I have a lifetime subscription, meaning I’m entitled to every reward. Well, recently, since their last big update in which they added a lot of “new and exciting” features, many of us haven’t been getting some of those rewards that we’re entitled to. And, asking for help from “customer service” is like pulling teeth. So, I’m about done with the game and pretty much all of them. On top of that, they’re all a bunch of greedy bastards. Some are worse than others, but all of them bug you about buying stuff in game, even if you’re paying for the game. Plus, none of them can seem to release new content that’s totally free, there’s always something to buy. Sure, you can simply not buy it and play the games for free, but you miss out on a lot that way. So, you wind up paying some money and all you get for your investment is a whole lot of frustration. If I wanted to be that frustrated playing a game, I could whip out some of those “mistakes” that I’ve bought over the years and play them. At least they don’t cost any money, other than what I paid for them in the first place.

So, I’ve had it. I’m considering no longer playing MMORPGs. I have plenty of good old fashioned single player RPGs that I just love and I don’t have to worry about forced patches frakking up my gaming experience. From now on, if I play online games, it’s all death match shooter games. Those are always fun: enter an arena, kill or be killed. Usually, if they add content to those, it’s just stuff like some new maps or player models, or something. And, let’s face it, we all want that. Plus, a lot of those are free, some are even open source and don’t bug you about buying stuff to “enhance” your gaming experience.

OK, rant over. (*whew,* that felt good)


4 thoughts on “Rant

  1. Hmmmm. Bar Wreck eh? Now which game might that be, I wonder? LOL!

    Sorry to hear the latest “patches” patched you right out of the game. I’m with you on the FPS games. I love them.

    • Bar Wreck might actually be a better game, assuming there’s actual drinking involved. 😉

      Yeah, FPS has been my favorite genre since Goldeneye for the Nintendo 64. In fact, I have a working N64 somewhere around here, I need to get a copy of that game off of Ebay sometime. I have Perfect Dark with updated graphics on my XBOX 360, as well as some of the Halo games. (I need to get back into that series sometime.) And, of course, I have various FPS Windows and Linux games, including some fun open source death match games like OpenArena and Alien Arena. Great stuff. 😀

      The only genre that can come close to FPS on the likability scale for me is RPGs. Though, I think I’ll stick to the single player kind from now on.

  2. I totally sympathize. The few, and I mean one, MMORPG I ever engaged in lost me for many of the same reasons and a few you have not mentioned. I find some of the same issues with the few (more than one here) device based (iPad) games now. You pay for the game and then they add features while ignoring all the crap they got wrong with the game in the first place. The problem, IMESHO, is that they are all run by 19 year old drop outs with serious ADD. They have no idea how to run a company to succeed.

    Sorry – I am hijacking your rant.

    You get that I get it 🙂

    • You hijacked nothing, you merely expanded upon some of my points and made a few good ones of your own. Especially the ADD part.

      And don’t even get me started on tablet apps. I know too well about how those can, at times, be broken by updates. I also hate the ones that want you to pay for the app in the first place and then do a bunch of in app purchases to unlock content. I’d rather they just charge me more in the first place.

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