UESPA Patrol Boat, Pt. 02

Work continues. I’m not as far along as I’d like to be at this point, but yesterday was a series of non-stop work and various other distractions that left me little time for modeling until I was too damn tired to do anything. But, I did manage to get the rest of the main structures in place, which consisted of modeling the bridge and lower sensor dome. I know it doesn’t exactly jell with what they did on Enterprise, but I based these heavily off of the elements from TOS. However, I feel this works because it looks less advanced, due to the fact that somebody decided the details on the Enterprise should be more TMP looking than TOS looking. (thanks a lot, Berman and Braga) Not that I don’t like the NX and what was done, but I would have gone in a different direction with it. We just have to assume that, in a reality where the NX-01 exists, the TOS ship would be more detailed than it was in the 1960s. Not freaky looking like the JJ Abrams version, but just more detailed, like what Deg did with his “TOS.5” Enterprise and a few other artists have done. (tasteful, logical additions)








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