S.S. Manticore Patch

I made a mission patch for the ship I’ve been working on. As people who read my previous post will notice, the ship’s name changed from Endeavour to Manticore. Someone over at Scifi-Meshes is working on an Enterprise-era Endeavour and I don’t like using the same names others are using unless I’m building a canon ship. So, I changed the name.



11 thoughts on “S.S. Manticore Patch

    • Thanks bro. I owe a lot to the BESM shader in Lightwave. (Big Eyes, Small Mouths) It’s a built-in anime shader that allowed me to render the ship with cell shading, which was the biggest part of the battle. Then I saved that as a .png, added the outlines around it in Gimp, saved it again and imported it into Inkscape to add the rest. The rest is very routine “Vector Graphics 101” type stuff; just adding circles, stars and lettering.

  1. How’s the Manticore progressing? you haven’t updated recently. Your interpretation of Eave’s design impressed me but you left us hanging.

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