22nd Century Starship pt. 14

More stuff. I added a bunch of sensor/communications things. The NX had these all over it, so I’m doing the same. Ignore the piece of the secondary hull that’s intersecting the sensor thing below the impulse engines, I’ll be rebuilding that when I finish the secondary hull. Also, I haven’t figured out what’s up with the overblown white glow on the port dorsal navigation light. Though, that may just be a result of the crappy scene lighting. Still, it shouldn’t be happening.







5 thoughts on “22nd Century Starship pt. 14

  1. I must say, this ship keeps looking like the spiritual successor of the Intrepid class. All those thrusters ……. man, this is one maneuverable ship!!

  2. Sorry for a comment necro, you had asked what I meant by the secondary hull blue glowy thing. Just made a pic of what I meant


    Will you be adding stuff to the secondary hull? It seems like the successor to the Intrepid’s mini secondary hull [Intrepid had a more unified single hull]

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