22nd Century Starship pt. 12

I finished up the paneling and windows. This is good because, as people who do CGI know, paneling and windows are two of the most time consuming and tedious things you can do on a ship build. There are different methods for doing paneling, none are fast. For windows, there’s a lot of lining them up, rotating them, finding out you don’t quite have it right, and doing it again. Then there’s the fun of using the booleans tool, which can cause issues. So, I’m glad to have this stuff done.



9 thoughts on “22nd Century Starship pt. 12

  1. Like your stuff, Chris.  Just curious, do you have any experience in 3d animation or just building the models? I ask b/c I am working on a ST fanfilm project and am in need of artists and animators. There will be a budget, but it is small


      • OK, so are your models available for use? The film takes place during Ent era, so I would be interested in working w/ the Daedalus and Intrepid class you’ve built. I know some of the modellers make their stuff available to artists and gamers – where do you stand on that?

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