22nd Century Starship pt. 10

I’ve been working on various bits. I added the docking ports. They’re a simplified version of what’s on Enterprise. I don’t ever plan to show them closely enough to justify doing a full detail version. If I do, I can build one that’s higher detail. I also added the RCS thrusters and impulse engines. And, the bridge dome. It still needs the smaller dome on top, but it’s mostly done. Also, I may put a hatch on the bridge, Enterprise has one or two. Though, Enterprise’s bridge is also less curvy, but I can add a section to the back that’s less curvy and put it on there, or just work it into the curves.








7 thoughts on “22nd Century Starship pt. 10

  1. Looking better with every revision 🙂

    One small suggestion. Could you make the provision for shuttle bay doors next to the impulse engines like the Intrepid type you made before. That small outcropping looks perfect for parking a couple of shuttlepods 😉

  2. Actually, I was thinking something more along the lines of this image.


    If you remember, I run an Intrepid class simm and this new model looks like something I would like to upgrade the simm to. The outcropping looks great for something like a cargo bay. You dont need 2-3 deck high spaces for that ; and Starfleet can always use ships to haul stuff around [medical, humanitarian emergencies … etc] A generic looking clamshell door/hatch or darkening one of the grid lines to look like one would be ambiguous and cool the same time.

    But I digress, I have zero knowledge in CGI and am merely excited by this new ship ….. what is its name? Is there going to be a naming competition? Are there prizes? 😀

    • The saucer edge is a deck. So, that part you’re talking about on the Intrepid is still over a deck tall, up to three decks tall. The doors back there are also over a deck tall. This is necessary for launching and landing shuttles. (I have no idea how they do it without hitting the warp pylons, though) If you’re talking about the part I think you are on my ship, it’s a deck tall at its tallest. You literally can’t fit a shuttlepod in there. Even if it will fit, there won’t be any room for bay machinery. I thought about all of this before determining where the bays would go. If I wanted to put doors back there, I would have had to alter the design further and get rid of the outcropping, or at least make it shorter. Right now, it’s tall enough to have rooms in it. If it was any shorter, it wouldn’t be tall enough and would essentially be a waste of space.

      The drop bays are a space saver design. Unlike regular shuttlebays, which require larger doors for a ship to lift off to take off and come in above the floor, you can make drop bay doors barely larger than the shuttle. Indeed, the doors on the NX are just over 6.5 meters long, the pods themselves are just over 6 meters long. So, it’s a tight fit but doable because the pod goes in and out vertically.

      Though, I may go with your cargo bay idea. There’s certainly room for that. As for the ship’s name, it doesn’t have one yet. Likely, I won’t do a poll, I’ll just pick something. As for prizes, I can’t afford those. 😉

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