22nd Century Starship Pt. 04

More work on the ship. The part that looks like it should be part of the Batman emblem took a long time. I made something yesterday that I hated, so I had to redo it today. I’m fairly happy with how it came out after I rebuilt it. Originally, the back came to points like it does in John’s drawings, but I had some mesh errors that wouldn’t smooth out, so I cut it off and capped it. I’ll put some thrusters or something there. That’s also why there are “trenches” in the side, I’ll put some greebles in those. 😉 (the sub-patching is great, but it can leave errors) The other stuff is pretty basic, modified cylinders, spheres and cubes.

Also, I had to cut some off of my pylons because I realized AFTER I did all of those grid lines (of course) that I hadn’t rotated the part that connects to the ship like I did the part that connects to the nacelles. So, they weren’t lining up with the ship, so I sunk them in some and removed the part that got buried. It was either that or completely rebuild them, which I wasn’t doing.







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