Dirty Ships Done Dirt Cheap

(don’t even ask me why I’m misquoting AC/DC for the title, it’s friggin’ late and I’m tired :P)

I did some texture work on my Constellation-class mesh I finished a while back. To me, this ship has always been the Millennium Falcon of Star Trek. It’s old, it’s dirty, it’s ugly. Plus, it’s all saucer and engines and it’s got miscellaneous stuff glued all over it. And, the first time we saw it, it had been through the wringer. So, when Greg Jein built the studio model, he really weathered it a lot. He also added scorch marks and whatnot because it had been in a battle, but I didn’t do that. I just made mine good and grungy, like the ship should be. To me, that’s how this class should always look. Originally, I did “clean” textures, mostly to get it done and ready for a project I was working on. Well, I haven’t heard back on said project (don’t ask about it, because I won’t answer) and I saved the clean textures anyway, so I set about giving the ship a more “used” look. I had lots of high rez textures, too many in fact. My CGI software wouldn’t render them all, so I had to scale them down a bit, but they’re still pretty high rez. Anywho, here she is in all her dirty glory in some “beauty” shots.





6 thoughts on “Dirty Ships Done Dirt Cheap

  1. Looks awesome. I wish Sketchup and Twilight Render could do that, because I just can’t bring myself to start over with a completely new 3D program. Anyway, the ship looks amazing; I keep lurking to check out the pics, so I hope you have more in store!

  2. Thanks a lot everyone. 🙂

    @Ryan: I’ll try to get some more images out, but it’s hard to say. TrueSpace is a really big pain in the ass to deal with and it really sucks when I’m rendering at single core speeds on an 8-core processor because that PITA program won’t work like it should with multiple cores. So, I may be finally switching to something else. This is likely to be my last TrueSpace model. It’s been a fun ride, but I think it’s time to move on. I just have to decide if I want to try to get back into Lightwave or Blender. 😉

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