Constellation Class V3.0 Pt 13

I finished the Constellation class (for now.) I gave the ship a clean look, like it’s a Constellation class from back in the day when that class was new. You have to figure these ships were probably used a lot, along with the Excelsior class, as a replacement for the Constitution class. That’s probably why they’re in such bad shape in the 2360s. šŸ˜‰

For colors, I duplicated the actual model colors as much as possible. The hull is an off-white color, not really white but certainly not yellow-tan, like the ready room model was. I can’t fathom why some people actually think the big ship was yellow when it clearly wasn’t on screen, just the small one was. So, I went with an eggshell white. It looks very close to my reference images (at least, some of them. ;)) The blue-green color was a bit more difficult. It really varies from lighting. So, I picked a picture I liked and used it to get something close. I fiddled around with the color picker in Gimp and got about what I was going for and then tweaked it. I did a paintbrush swipe over the model and it looked good, so I ran with it. I did the same for the yellow. The red is pretty basic bright red, so that was a lot easier. Those are pretty much the colors for the ship, it’s pretty basic.

Note: I hate having nacelles like this have a constant glow. So, as somebody is no doubt going to point out that they glowed on the show, I feel I should address that. Yes, I know they glowed on the show. However, that looks wrong to me. These are a modified version of the same type of nacelles that the TMP Enterprise and Reliant had (Rick Sternbach used 2 Enterprise refit model kits to make the ready room model and Greg Jein made similar parts for the big model.) In the movies (including First Contact) and on TNG and DS9, when the Reliant studio model was used, this type of nacelle didn’t glow. The only time they did was on this model and on the CGI Miranda class ships used in the battle sequences on DS9. However, I don’t like it. So, even though it’s “canon,” I won’t do it.

Up first, lighting tests. I find these boring, but some people actually like them. So, since I had to render them anyway, here they are:

And some 1080p beauty shots:

That will do it for this build (for now.) Eventually, I’ll do some grimy textures, but I really need to move on to something else. No, I don’t mean I’m tired of working on this, I mean I literally have something else I need to build.


8 thoughts on “Constellation Class V3.0 Pt 13

  1. I never post here, but I come by every week or so to see if there’s anything new. I’m a an admirer of your work, especially your Constellation class. So I’m very happy with these new pictures.

  2. Hi Chris, have you checked out the TNG Remastered Blog on Ex Astris Scientia? There’s a really good screen cap of the remastered Constellation from ‘Peak Performance’. It may assist you in getting your model spot on accurate.

  3. its really pretty, however i don’t like the inverted reg on the bottom. yea they might have done that once on the studio model too, but to me it is a mistake. it looks rather silly when viewing from the bottom.

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