Constellation Class V3.0 Pt 12

This should do it as far as modeling. I think I got pretty much everything that’s on the studio model. Up next is textures and then lights. 🙂

A note on the by door numbers: Yes, the studio model had those, you can clearly see the one on the forward bay in the SD DVD version of The Battle. (you can also see blurry white marks on the side doors) However, the numbering sytem is odd. Looking at HD screen caps from TrekCore, I’ve pretty much figured out what they are. After examining some screen caps, this is what I came up with:

1: Starboard, Aft (right, back)
2: Starboard, Mid (right)
3: Starboard, Fore (right, front)
4: Fore (front) note: this one is clearly visible, even in the SD version of the episode
5: Port, Fore (left, front)
6: Port, Mid (left)
7: Port, Aft (left, back)

1, 2 and 3 are all pretty blurry but, by taking the screen caps into Gimp and improving the quality as much I can, those can pretty much be confirmed. 5 and 6 are too blurry, but that’s an educated guess. 4 and 7 can be clearly seen (7 can only be seen in the HD version.)

Changes on my version: OK, firstly, that numbering system is supid. This model was built in a hurry, so somebody probably just numbered them clockwise, starting with the back left (when viewing the model from below.) However, in TNG, the main shuttlebay was the largest bay, the one in the saucer section. On this model, that’s the forward bay. Also, that bay would be easier to land in due to it being oriented along the ship’s axis. So, why would it be number 4? That doesn’t make sense, so I chagned it to 1. I numbered the starboard bays from fore to aft, 2, 3 and 4. That makes sense to me. That also allowed me to leave the port bay numbers as-is. Another thing about the bays; I see no reason for a ship of this size to have 7 shuttlebays. I figure 2 and 5 are probably mainentance craft bays. 4 and 7 are probably cargo bays. That’s what I’m running with. 😉

Another note: The bay door numbers are gone on the model in its current state. Either somebody realized they were numbered stupidly and removed the numbers or they came off. The doors are ribbed and it’s a pain to put decals on ribbed surfaces and they can come off more easily than on non-ribbed surfaces. I’ve seen other Trek models where they decals are coming off of smooth and curved surfaces, so its reasonable to think they simply came off.


6 thoughts on “Constellation Class V3.0 Pt 12

    • Thanks bro. Yeah, they probably just came off. By the time these models were auctioned, most of them were in pretty bad shape. There are several parts missing on a lot of them, including this one, and missing decals or decals in the process of coming off. On the Nebula-class, you can tell where the starboard nacelle ripped off at one point and was reattached. (not very well)

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