Constellation Class V3.0 Pt 11

To illustrate my earlier point about the references for the section between the impulse engines, this is all I had to work with:

You can kind of make out shapes, but not much else. And, since that piece is missing in all of my reference photos, I just grabbed some stuff from other parts of the ship and put it there. The “logical” additions are the phasers and torpedo launchers. I figure the ship has to have aft coverage. Unless that piece really did have those, (it’s hard to say) the ship had no rear weaponry, which isn’t smart.

BTW, anybody who thinks you can prove me “wrong” on that part, you’re free to try. Though, unless you’re in possession of the actual piece that went there, or you had something to do with the actual filming model, you only get that screen capture I posted as a reference to make your case. Nobody else’s CGI models will be accepted as “evidence,” because they’re guessing at least as much as I am. (Yes, I love Tobias Richter’s work but he used the same references I’m using. I know this because I sent him my reference photos for the ship. ;)) Also, the ready room model doesn’t count because that’s not the model I’m building.

Anyway, that should do it for the aft end of the ship. Not much left to do now before I can begin textuing. 😀


8 thoughts on “Constellation Class V3.0 Pt 11

  1. Well done:) I admire your work, must have been a pain in the warp coils to work the Impulse drive with so little to work with:) I al;so happne to agree that there is NO WAY a federation starship would be left with no aft weapons systems, in face the ONLY ship class I know of without aft weapons systems is the “Constitution/Enterprise class. on a side note, I have the same program you do but have NO CLUE how to use it! LOL:)

    • Well, the TOS Connie had no aft weapons that we saw on screen. (except on Enterprise) It’s hard to say if it actually had any, since it had no visible weapons anyway. After all, the movie refit had aft-firing phaser emitters, but we never saw them in action. On the few occasions where it fired, we only saw phasers in ST2 and they were the forward and port ventral saucer arrays. Otherwise, we only saw it fire torpedoes. The phasers wouldn’t work at warp in TMP, they didn’t work after getting shot by the Klingon torpedo in ST3, they weren’t used in ST5 or ST6 for unknown reasons (though, they could have been not working in ST5 as well.)

  2. How many single mount emitter phasers did you have on your Constellation? I count five on the upper hull and two on the rear impulse block. Add the the six twin phaser mounts, the four forward torpedo tubes and the two aft torpedo tubes and that’s a helluva lot of firepower!

    • I have 7 single emitters on mine; the 5 ones that are on the studio model and the two rear-facing ones that I added. There are 6 dual emitters, giving the studio model 17 actual emitters, my ship has 19. That’s no more heavily armed than the TMP Enterprise (in fact, it has a few less phasers) and it’s got nowhere near as much firepower as the Excelsior-class.

    • Loading them is easy, you do it like loading any other model. If you give me the trueSpace version number, that will help me give you better instructions. Exporting them to .obj requires a plug-in called luuv. If you’re using trueSpace 7, it comes with luuv. If not, then you may have to try and find it.

      Alternately, there’s a program called AccuTrans. It is a conversion program that has a free version and it works with trueSpace .cob meshes. You can Google it to find out more.

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