Constellation Class V3.0 Pt 10

After more than a month of not even wanting to do CGI, I’ve decided it’s time to finish a model. This one is very near to completion, so I’m finishing it this week.

The impulse engines were the first on my list to do today. For my previous builds of this ship, I had no good references as to the details on these, so I incorrectly modeled them like the ones on the TMP Enterprise. However, I now know this is wrong because I have very good references for both sides. I have correctly modeled them now (or at least it’s close enough.) Since I have pics of both engines, I know they’re mirror images of each other, so the starboard engine is a mirror of this one (port.)

Up next is a vent-looking thing directly in front of the engines and then the stuff in between. Unfortunately, the in between part was removable for wiring access and was missing when all of my good reference pictures were taken. So, that area is a blank to me. All I have is a so-so screen cap I made from my DVD from Peak Performance. It shows shapes but nothing more. So, guesswork will apply, as always. That may change with the Blu-Ray release of season 2, when I may be able to get higher resolution shots from that episode.

After that, all that is left are a few details on the sides and bottom and then textures and lights.


6 thoughts on “Constellation Class V3.0 Pt 10

      • WOOHOO!!!
        What Do I Win?
        Or Is It Just More Of That Gratitude Stuff?!
        Doesn’t Matter…
        …So Long As I WIN!!! hehehe

        I Love Your Work, btw.
        I’m A Trek-Geek-From-Hell, So I Greatly Enjoy Seeing Your Stuff.
        Like I Said…
        …Tooooo Coooooool!!! πŸ˜€

  1. Damn! I was trying so hard to be firstest and fastest!!!

    Any way….

    Outstanding progress, one of my favorite canon ships. I, too, have very little desire to do any CG work of late. To be honest, work like this makes it even harder πŸ™‚

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