Daedalus-Class Reboot Pt. 01

I’ve been wanting to do a Daedalus-class ship from Star Trek for a while now. Originally, I’d planned on doing the design commonly referred to as “Daedalus-Class,” the USS Horizon from Sisko’s office. Though, the only canon Daedalus-class ship is the USS Essex and it was never seen on screen. Anywho, I got the idea to do this model (again) after Steve Neill restored the original Horizon and did a customer build of his self-molded kit a while back. I’d done one years ago, but it went kaput in a hard drive failure. Unfortunately, what kept me from doing the DS9 model was a lack of decent references. All I have are a few pictures not showing the entire model, both from when it was labeled “Essex” for the ST Chronology and when it was labeled “Horizon” for DS9. Other than that, I have incorrect fan schematics and a render sheet of Doug Drexler’s model he made for the ST New Voyages episode In Harm’s Way. Unfortunately, the renders on that sheet are all perspective views, rather than true top, side, etc. orthographic renders, so using them was possible but the perspective might have thrown things off. That was a real setback, because Doug did a really lovely model based off of the original desktop model (an advantage to working at Paramount ;)) and I was going to use those until I was prepping them and I noticed the perspective issue.

So, there I was ready to do a Daedalus-class but I had so-so references. However, then I was looking at an article by Bernd Schneider on his site (Ex Astris Scientia) regarding the Daedalus-class and I found a fan-made reboot design by Christopher Freeman, AKA Aehternaut. I’d seen the design years ago on Scifi-Meshes, but I had forgotten about it.

This design is a more modern take on the Daedalus-class that takes the show Enterprise and Doug Drexler’s NX-01 into account. I like it, so I decided to model it. As you can see, the schematics are a 3-view, which gives me plenty to go by but also leaves some room for interpretation and throwing in my own things. Also, I will be changing a few things. One notable change is having the blue stuff on the warp engines only on the inside. This change is to go more with Doug’s more recent “Season 4” NX refit, where he added a secondary hull and “capped” the outer warp blue stuff. (among other things) To see pics of that, check out his blog (Drex Files) in the links section to the right and search for “NX-01.” Also, Steve Neill’s blog and Ex Astris Scientia can be found there if you want to check out the builds and article I referenced or just go see some good stuff. 😀

Anywho, I’ve been picking at this for a few days and this is where I am:

Up next is probably some grid lines. I’ve been avoiding them but they need to be done. 😉


9 thoughts on “Daedalus-Class Reboot Pt. 01

  1. Oh am I looking forward to making this! An excellent choice, I’ve done one daedalus in paper, and it’s OK, but I do like the one you are working on. I love the nacelle antenna spike thingys, though I’ve always wanted to see a deflector dish on the secondary hull… anyhow, you are doing a lovely job, and I will build this if you make the pattern available just cause it’s a beaut!

  2. I echo Brianne’s comment about a deflector dish on the secondary hull, although blamed if I can see where that would fit because of the connector between the two hulls. (That connector also looks kind of awkward where it joins to the primary hull, too, though that’s because of the design, not your interpretation of it).

  3. Thanks a lot everyone. 🙂

    Unfortunately, the bottom of the sphere would block a nav deflector if it were at the front of the secondary hull. I’ve considered this in the past. The only way to make it work would be to move the sphere up, which would alter the design. Though, on the side view of Aethernaut’s schematic, it looks like there’s a impulse deflection crystal there.

    @Nathan: The only Daedalus I have completed is the kinda kitbash one I did a few years ago, but I can put together an ortho sheet for it.

    @Guy: As far as I know, the gold thing was likely supposed to be a sensor thing, like the TOS Enterprise designs had. (what would later become the nav deflector) This design came from Matt Jefferies’ early Enterprise concepts, so I would assume that it’s pretty much the same deal.

  4. Very familiar with the design by Aehternaut and have seen a few ‘modernized’ Daedalus ships of late. This is an amazing start and look forward to watching you build it out.

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