Messing Around Pt. 2 (the bat was jealous)

More fun with emblems. As much of a Superman fan as I am, I think I like this guy a teensy bit better. 😉


6 thoughts on “Messing Around Pt. 2 (the bat was jealous)

  1. Looks great Mate. Bat is really the only Charcter from DC I like.
    Superman just to dam powerful.
    As for the others they never really grabed me. It might be also because they are not set in the real world like Marvel.

  2. Thanks guys. 🙂

    @Ger, no more superhero logos, bro. I’ve started something else that the Trekkies in the audience should like. More on that when I have more done. 😎

    @Dean. Yeah, the “made up” cities in DC are kinda weird, but I guess they did that to avoid legal issues. Though, of course, Metropolis is supposed to be New York City, that’s pretty obvious. They even call it “The Big Apricot” which is obviously derived from “The Big Apple.” They’ve even used NYC in live action films. I’m not sure what city Gotham is supposed to represent. It’s in New Jersey, but I don’t know if it conforms to any NJ cities. Plus, in Christopher Nolan’s films, he used buildings from Chicago and other cities composited together and the wide shots are CGI. I agree that Superman is too powerful, but he’s also cool. Plus, he does have his weaknesses. I like Batman because he’s a “normal” person (if billionaires count as “normal” people. ;)) Sure, he’s a genius, but he’s also worked hard to get where he is and has gained his “abilities” through training and study, as opposed to being born with super powers.

  3. Cool. I like the second one. I wouldn’t be surprised if Nolan used Chicago because of the mobster thing. Green Lantern would be kind of cool with this kind of treatment. Not that I’m a fan of Green Lantern.

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