Constellation Class V3.0 Pt 8

I added these big bumpy things, whatever the hell they’re supposed to be. One of them has a thing that looks like a BFG on it, but Trek doesn’t have BFGs, so I don’t know what it is either. (don’t bother speculating, only two people might know what it’s supposed to be and unless your name is Rick Sternbach or Andrew Probert, they’re not you) I didn’t redo the gun thing. I remember that being a pain in the ass before and it looks fine now, so I’m keeping it. I also added the robot to the bottom (yes, it’s a robot) just forward of those things. Again, this isn’t a new part, but I did have to adjust it slightly. I have really good references for that thing but I never really did it in full detail because you usually don’t see it that well, which is why it’s where it is. I see no reason to change that, so I kept it as it was on the v2 model.

That’s it for me for now, it’s rapidly approaching 3 AM here.

For those who are curious: 314.2 meters long, 173.3 meters wide, 82.24 meters tall. That’s what I got and it shouldn’t change. Bernd Schneider has it at 310 meters long, but it’s hard to say if he’s scaling it off of that wretchedly wrong side view from the Star Trek Encyclopedia. (it’s based on the ready room model and still not correct)


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