Constellation Class V3.0 Pt. 5

OK, as anybody who does art knows, inspiration can be fickle. Some days, you’re in the mood to do one thing, other days you’re not. I’ve been trying to talk myself into getting back into learning Lightwave for a while now, but the motivation just isn’t there. (no, it has nothing to do with the minor setback I had with the Enterprise engineering hull) I’ll get back to it at some point. After all, Lightwave isn’t going anywhere. It will still be there when I want to get back into it.

However, I have found that I’m in the mood to work on my v3 Constellation-class mesh. Though, to tell the truth, I may was well call this version 2.5, because I’ve started adding some bits from my v2 mesh. Why would I do this? Because there’s no point in building nearly identical bits. The vertical pylons are a great example. For my v1 mesh, they were a mess. For v2, I had great pictures and I got them as close as I’m going to get them. Rebuilding them would be a waste of time, so I’m not doing it. The only really “not accurate” parts are the greebles at the bottom, that’s the only part I’m still not sure about. That’s a best guess. I also added some details that aren’t on the original, like the torpedo launchers and a docking port to the port side for the top and the starboard side for the bottom (because it’s flipped. ;)) Anywho, aside from those, I also added some of the Macross greebles that are as accurate as I can make them from the last mesh.

OK, onto the new bits. The main hull was horrible on my last mesh, it was terribly inaccurate. So, I’ve rebuilt it. I think I fixed the issue with the distance between the saucer edge and the edge of the main hull, it was too short on my last version. Also, since there are no accurate blueprints from this ship, I built the saucers using Constitution-class refit blueprints. Even though this ship is NOT A KITBASH OF THE CONNIE-REFIT, (sorry, that’s a common misconception that ticks me off) those parts are close enough to the Connie-R. I think what I have now looks pretty good. Another thing that was terribly wrong on my last version was the window layout. So, I did one of the most fun things imaginable, I laid out the windows by looking at pictures of the studio model. Believe me, this is tons of fun. (rolls eyes) Anywho, I’m sure some of the “rivet counters” will find an issue or two, but it’s close enough for me. Besides, anybody who thinks they can do better is certainly welcome to build their own ship and try to get it closer. 😛

Now, one thing I intentionally did wrong with the windows was to realign them slightly. This makes them actually conform to a deck plan. According to Rick Sternbach, who (along with Andrew Probert) designed the ready room model and Rick also built the model, this ship has 15 decks. However, when Greg Jein built the studio model based off of the ready room model, he put 4 lines of windows on the edge of the main hull. Each line is a deck, and there’s a sizable gap in between the top two and bottom two lines. If you actually line this up, it makes that part 5 decks. Taking that into account, the decks are about 2.2-2.4 meters tall. Unfortunately, that’s not very tall. However, with the windows where they are, that’s what you get without changing the scale of the ship. (it was worse before I moved some of the window lines) When you add the rest of the ship into the mix, you do get 15 decks, assuming you don’t count the lower sensor dome or warp pylons and nacelles. So, at least it does kinda/sorta work out, though the decks are shorter than I usually like to make.

Anywho, here are the renders of the current state of the ship:

Also, the shuttlebay I made for v2 fits, though it’s 5 decks tall. However, that’s as big as it is on the original studio model. I lined it up with the deck plan, though the oversize doors and walkway don’t quite work, but bays of this size tend to not conform to deck plans anyway.


8 thoughts on “Constellation Class V3.0 Pt. 5

    • Me? OK, fair enough, I’m a rivet counter to an extent. However, you want to see rivet counters, some of the really anal retentive people at Scifi-Meshes and Trek BBS. (those are two sites I can think of offhand.) Those are rivet counters. I tend to go with, “OK, that looks close enough” and move on. Though, I’m not afraid to rebuild something if I don’t think I got it quite right. However, on a ship where I have only photos as references, I allow myself some more leeway. 😉

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