USS Nautilus Pt. 05A

This isn’t a major update, just an addendum to the previous update.  A couple people have raised questions as to the position of the arboretum on this ship.  Truth be told, I had no plans to move the thing.  However, someone at Scifi-Meshes pointed out something really good:  Why does a support ship that doesn’t stray far from its planet/base and has little in the way of creature comforts need an arboretum?  Good question.  That made me think of ships like Defiant and Voyager.  Defiant was a support ship, no arboretum.  I’m assuming Voyager wasn’t really supposed to be out for long missions, it didn’t have one until they were stranded in the Delta Quadrant and Kes converted a cargo bay into a botanical garden.  So, I’ve nixed the arboretum on this ship.

I replaced the arboretum windows and interior with some standard windows and a standard interior.


One thought on “USS Nautilus Pt. 05A

  1. For sure something I always wanted see there. But the Paint scheme you used there. Really is a nice touch!!!

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