USS Nautilus Pt. 05

I added the secondary hull windows and interiors. The only part without interiors is where the shuttlebay will go, because that will be a fully modeled interior. I also added docking ports and started on the signage for the secondary hull.

I've already corrected the smoothing errors in the lowest line of regular windows (below the docking port and above the arboretum.)

9 thoughts on “USS Nautilus Pt. 05

  1. How do you do the signage and decals? Do you use UV mapping, or does TrueSpace have an easier method for doing detail work?

  2. Oh…that didn’t even occur to me. That’s really smart.
    If I may inquire further, what’s your method for the hull plating?
    I assume you use something close to Madkoifish’s boolean method for the windows…(hence all the mesh errors you spend your time cleaning up 🙂

    • The mesh errors only occurred because I was careless in my placement and the bottom of that line of windows intersected a vertex line. I’m usually more careful and don’t have that issue. To correct it, I moved the windows slightly and re-cut them (no more errors.) I don’t know of any other method to do windows in trueSpace. The lines are also booleans. Normally, trueSpace has a lot less booleans issues than software like Blender, Max and Maya, provided you know what you’re doing and don’t make careless mistakes.

  3. I really like the direction you’re taking with this ship. The Constellation-style nacelles are a nice touch. Have you ever done a TMP-style Nebula variant, btw? I think that would be interesting to see. Pleeeeease, someday try to put together a step-by step tutorial on your method– there are very few modelers out there who come close to your level of detail and accuracy.

  4. Huh, I sort of liked the arboretum addition in general (not a normal occurrence) and the placement. Well, star gazers would like it higher I guess. Super job (meshed textures – crazy man, crazy).

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