USS Nautilus Pt. 03

I hate doing grid lines. That’s why I get them out of the way early. Suffice to say, there were problems. There were problems where there shouldn’t have been problems. But, I got the lines on the engineering hull and most of them on the saucer. Then, since that was a huge PITA, I decided to do something less stressful, the saucer windows. Those were time consuming, but went in without any issues. In fact, aside from the pylons, the windows are the only part I haven’t had problems with and haven’t had to modify or rebuild at least once.

So, here’s where she stands for tonight:


3 thoughts on “USS Nautilus Pt. 03

  1. That was the biggest mistake I made with the Akira.
    I put in the windows before doing the grid lines. Now it going to be a complate pain in the ass to put them in.
    I might just have to rebuild the secondary hull and the saucer.
    really don’t want to do that.

    • Yeah, that sounds like a pain in the ass, bro. By “secondary hull,” do you mean the catamarans or the “bulge” under the saucer with the deflector in it?

      Grid lines are always one of the first things I do, both because the pretty much have to be done first, and because i hate doing them.

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