USS Nautilus Pt. 02

OK, this is not what I had planned for the shuttlebay area. However, once again, my plans were dashed by software restrictions. (One of these days, I really need to dig into one of the 4 or 5 other 3D programs I have installed.) Anywho, the original intent was to do something more like the 1701-A (or 1701 refit, if you prefer.) However, the beveled edges were not working for me. I worked at it for hours and wound up with little more than frayed nerves. I’m surprised I didn’t lose any hair.

What I wound up doing is kind of a Kelvin-ish thing. I think it works OK. It’s not what I wanted, but life’s not fair that way. Fortunately, this is a non-canon ship and I can do whatever I want with it. πŸ˜‰ This is as far as I’m going tonight. I know there are smoothing errors around the beveled curve thingy on the underside, I’ll deal with them later (when I do the grid lines, which will create more smoothing errors in that area.)


9 thoughts on “USS Nautilus Pt. 02

  1. Is there only one nacelle size for Trek ships, or are the nacelles proportional to the size of the ship? If those nacelles are the same size as the ones from the Enterprise refit, then that ship is slightly larger than I was imagining for a short-range escort. But it doesn’t make sense that shipyards would make exact replicas of the same nacelle design at different sizes. The manufacturing logistics would be a nightmare.
    Do you have any thoughts?

    • I never said it was an escort. I said it was a support ship. It’s designed to be attached to a Starbase/outpost/colony as a “gofer” ship. Stuff that involves going a certain distance from its home base and perform a mission when there’s no other ship available. That mission could include rescue ops, scientific data gathering, a combat mission, whatever is needed.

      To answer the question, the nacelles are the same size as the ones on the Constellation-class. Why? Because I like big nacelles. That’s the only reason. I’m sure there’s an argument for making them more proportionate to the ship, but I want them to be the size they are. The ship is 220m long.

  2. So pretty small, actually. It makes sense that the nacelles would be the same size. It would make the shipyard crews’ job so much easier.
    What crew compliment were you thinking of? How would it compare to a ship like Voyager or Defiant?

    • I’m thinking 120, 150 tops for the crew. I think the Reliant had around 200 or so, but it’s a bigger ship. Size wise, it’s a lot bigger than the Defiant, but smaller than Voyager. The Defiant has size issues, due to improper scaling on screen. The DS9 Technical Manual has it at just over 170m long, Bernd Schneider puts its length closer to 120m.

      I’m not one for really scaling stuff on screen, but it’s definitely smaller than my ship. Voyager is 344m long. So, my ship is between the two in size. The Miranda-class is 243m long, with a crew of 34-200, depending on the mission. (some Miranda-class ships were relegated to cargo hauling by the 2360s.) The original Enterprise is 289m, the refit is 305m. So, that should give you an idea as to where this ship fits in the fleet. In the late 23rd century, (the time of its construction) the ship would be not small but not super large either, especially once the Excelsior-class came into play in the 2280s. (467m for the Excelsior) However, by the 24th century, it would be quite small. I figure ships like this would have long service, so the class and possibly this particular ship would still be active well into the 24th century.

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