More Lego Stuff, Pt. 02

I decided to put together a few of the “smaller” sets in the classic space series. These 3 are from 1979, which is a very good year, I might add. 😉

The only major import issue with these LeoCad models is the faces. trueSpace doesn’t like the geometry on the faces, so those were coming out bad. To fix this, I’ve been giving my spacemen plain heads and textured them in trueSpace with a smiley face texture I made last night in Inkscape. (I guess they all work in a space Walmart ;)) It looks just like the classic smiley head, but without the mesh errors. Once I go back to the SW stuff, I’ll have to make some more face textures for those heads, because none of them use the classic smiley.

Also, I tried to export one of my models to POV-Ray, but it keeps messing up on me. I point it to where the LGEO stuff is installed, but it keeps telling me that it can’t find LGEO. So, I’ve given up for now. I’ll try to figure that out when I’m not sick.


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