Lego Star Wars Pt. 06

I’m getting into uncharted territory here. To my knowledge, there’s no Lego kit for this. I built a turret that’s similar to the ones on the Death Star’s surface and in the trench. It’s pretty basic but, without being able to really greeble it, that’s how it’s going to stay. I’m building at least part of the surface and trench, so there will be several of these on there.

Even though it’s not necessary because this is CGI, the turret is built like it actually would be out of Legos. The parts that should move are built so that they actually would if it was made in the real world. The top is on a 2×2 turntable brick and the guns are on bricks with hinges on them. The parts rotate as they should. I rigged it in trueSpace so that the top and guns rotate as they should, on their respective moving parts. To illustrate this, I rendered a short animation of it in motion.

Lego Death Star Turret Animation Test from Chris Martin on Vimeo.

It’s in 720p, so advise watching it in HD on Vimeo. This rendered very quickly, mostly due to the fact that the Legos aren’t textured, which means it’s looking like a good possibility that I might do some Lego SW animations. 🙂


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