Lock S-Foils in Attack Position

One of my favorite scenes from Star Wars, recreated in Legos. Yes, I know it’s been done before, but not by me. 😉 These ships were taking a lot longer to render than they should after I imported them from LeoCad, but then I changed the materials to make them look better in an art render and now, aside from looking better, they also render a lot faster (who knew? ;))

Anywho, this is just one of several Lego scenes I have planned from Star Wars. The rest involve me building the TIE Advanced X1 (Vader’s TIE) and at least part of the Death Star trench and surface in LeoCad. Also, if I feel up to making the Death Star in LeoCad, I might do the rear perspective of this scene. So, stay tuned for more.

A note about the planet: it’s intentionally “under detailed.” Since the Legos present a kind of cartoon-ish look, I decided that Yavin should also be cartoon-ish. So, I didn’t go to any great lengths to create it. It’s just a low(ish) poly sphere with a simple 4k texture map and a glow added to the background to simulate the atmosphere. Since the Legos aren’t that detailed and also look pretty low poly themselves, (even though they’re not) I figure it works.

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