Lego Star Wars Pt. 03

Well, I was going to start an actual model build today but I wound up messing with this stuff instead. Since later versions of trueSpace won’t import these things correctly, (I’ve tried) I tried Blender. It imports them fine, but I had issues getting some of the parts to look right when I smooth shaded them. So, I eventually gave up and decided to just render them in trueSpace 3. I should be happy they work in that software, because these things export to a mess of polygons. (all triangles and lots of ugly meshiness)

So, after that, I decided to build the TIE Fighter. The only parts I couldn’t find for it were the parts for the pilot. LeoCad doesn’t have an Imperial pilot helmet or even a Stormtrooper helmet, so I fudged it a bit (you can’t really see him anyway.)


2 thoughts on “Lego Star Wars Pt. 03

  1. Your lego build are really truning out fine.
    If trueSpace 3.I works best with these files, Could you not convert it to a TureSpace format and import into a later version?

    • Thanks Dean. đŸ˜€

      You’d think I could, but no. They look like shit in tS4 and tS7. Those are the versions I have (besides 3.) It works fine for stuff created in tS3, but these were crated in LeoCad.

      The problem is bad geometry. I tried fixing some of it in tS4, that didn’t go over too well. For some reason, tS3 doesn’t mind the bad geometry, probably because it’s less advanced. Blender doesn’t mind the bad geometry either, (I think Blender imports them more cleanly, geometry wise) but the smooth shading thing was not working well for these.

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