Rosie Approaches the Enterprise

This is pretty much just me fracking around. (I was bored)

About half a dozen people know where the name for the shuttle came from. The rest of you will have to wait and see. 😉 It’s my shuttle I build last year, but I took off the “extra” details and gave it more of TOS look (worry not, the other version is still saved to a separate file.) The signage is just some textures I whipped up using Inkscape.

15 thoughts on “Rosie Approaches the Enterprise

    • Thanks a lot, bro. I added the warp domes when I made the ship, so I don’t understand that question. It’s my usual setup; a dome, 10 lights and some blades. (some of the stuff you’re seeing on those is the dock reflecting off of the “glass” domes)

      And, no, the name has nothing to do with The Jetsons. In fact, I forgot all about The Jetsons, I haven’t watched it since I was a kid.

    • Thanks. I figured I’d add some city lights to the moon, since it looks “a lot different,” according to Cdr. Riker. 😉

      And there are always lights on inside a ship, unless it’s completely powered down. Since these docks are used for resupplying and refitting, there’s no reason for it to be completely powered down. If it were, how would the work crews see? 😉

  1. I hope you will release more of your meshes for truespace
    I am a memeber of Gladiator 3D but i see you have an akula class
    Loknar class to would be great

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