The Other One

I decided to give my newer Enterprise mesh a makeover similar to what I did for the USS Drexler. Overall, it’s basically the same, the light gray hull is the same color. However, I used more shades of gray on some of the smaller bits than I did for the Drexler. Also, I added some light grid lines. Those were penciled onto the series ship sometime around the 2nd season. The deflector is also a slightly different color. For the Drexler, I tried to color match the deflector Steve’s model, which was painted using Testors metallic copper paint (great paint, I’ve used it myself.) However, according to Wikipedia, the color I used for this one is copper, though it doesn’t quite look like a new penny to me. *shrugs* Anywho, here she is. The bussard collector and impulse engine glow are the same as what I used on the Drexler. I really like how those came out, especially the bussards. I know the impulse engines didn’t glow on the show, but I like mine to glow. Obviously, this is the same scene setup I used to render the Drexler. I also did the same post work on this one. That way, if anybody wants to compare the two models, it’s very easy now. 🙂

BTW, this thing was so much fun to re-texture (extreme sarcasm.) I installed Windows 7 64-bit the other day, I was using 32-bit previously because trueSpace 4 won’t install on 64-bit Windows. So, that means I was re-texturing this beast in trueSpace 7. It was driving me up the wall, it kept crashing. Finally, I decided to turn off the multthreading (that’s what makes it possible to render using multiple processor cores) and it stopped crashing long enough for me to finish. I have Lightwave now, which is why I installed Win7 64. I really need to learn to use it so that I can stop subjecting myself to this shit. I’ll have to look at some Lightwave tutorials after Christmas.

6 thoughts on “The Other One

    • Thanks Steve. Yeah, I’m excited about Lightwave. As for 64-bit, I’ve actually done it before, that’s why I know the setup program for trueSpace 4 won’t run on it. Even though it’s a 32-bit program, the bastards used a 16-bit setup program and Win 64 will only emulate 32-bit. It won’t emulate 16-bit, like Win32 will. I tried just running trueSpace 7, but it’s so bad. It’s a buggy piece of shit and it takes forever to do things that tS4 can do in seconds and it crashes more often. And my computer more than meets the system requirements, that’s the truly sad part. So, I grudgingly installed Win32 so that I could use tS4. (I’ve also run 64-bit Linux, but it’s not as stable as Win64) But, that shouldn’t be a problem now. The really fun part is going to be attempting to convert my models to Lightwave. 😉

  1. I agree, your Stuff look great X, so your Connie would be just out of this world.

    Nice work Chris, so you gave up on going to Blender and went to the darkside?
    O well, best of luck with the new software.

    • Yeah, I gave up on Blender a long time ago. It’s just not right for me. Hopefully, Lightwave will be.

      Thanks for your compliments on this and my last two posts. Yes, I’m being lazy and combining them, even though I just installed a new wireless mouse and keyboard. (they’re nice. :))

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